Aug. 14 letters to the editor

An abundance of love
and pride in Morgantown
This is a love letter to Morgantown. As August hits its full stride and students prepare to return en masse, I am reminded of a day not too many years ago where I, too, prepared to make my journey for the very first time.
Some seven years later, I realize this is the first time I will not be returning to Morgantown or the university for the start of the fall semester. My Morgantown experience — as it is for so many — is inextricably tied into my West Virginia University experience.
And for the first two or three years, I think I limited my knowledge of Morgantown to the campus community.
But as I began to spend summers in Morgantown, switch my voter registration, update my license and broaden my knowledge beyond the confines of campus alone, I appreciated Morgantown that much more.
Some of my best friends I met were the so-called “townies,” lifelong citizens who still called Morgantown home.
The fact is, there is an abundance of pride in Morgantown. In its award-winning high schools. In its neighborhoods. As a home to raise a family. You even see it in the endless High Street parades.
It is why I see so many who stay longer than they intended, and others who find it so hard when they leave. It may be why I stayed for so long and now find it so hard to leave.
Jason Neal

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