Aug. 1 letters to the editor

Anti-annexation signs
mean ‘Don’t shop here’
Businesses on the edge of Morgantown: I see your signs. And despite the double negative, I understand their meaning: You do not want to be annexed.
You do not want to contribute to or benefit from Morgantown city services like the Morgantown Fire Department. You do not want to support the Morgantown Police Department. You are against making EMS workers’ jobs easier by having clear city boundaries. You do not want to support BOPARC’s many city projects. You would prefer to wait for the state to pave your streets rather than have the city pave them on a timely schedule (I don’t get that one, but OK).
You do not support the city that you cling to, that you located yourself adjacent to, that you clearly benefit from.
I see your signs, and to me, those signs mean “Don’t shop here.”

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