July 28 letters to the editor

City business owners
taxed without a vote
In response to John P. Lambertson’s letter to the editor dated July 20, 2019. Mr. Lambertson states “The right to vote comes with the responsibility to pay city taxes.” I agree, the right to vote does come with that responsibility to pay city taxes. However, do you realize that if you live (reside) outside of the city limits, but own a business or property within the city limits, you are required to pay all of the obligatory taxes but you are not permitted to vote in city elections.
Think about that.
You own property and/or operate a business in Morgantown, and you pay all the mandatory taxes – B&O, Fire Service Fee, Utility Fee, Higher property taxes, increase MUB fees, and in most cases, absorbing your employees weekly User Fees just to name a few. Remember, too, businesses pay far more taxes than the average city homeowner.
Just because you don’t lay your head on a pillow within the city limits – you don’t get to vote!
That, my friend, is Taxation without Representation!
Carmen & Karen Gutta
Morgantown – Post Office Only

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