Unknown quantity of session in June still a nonstarter

This is what we do know, for now.
A special session of the state Legislature will resume at
2 p.m Monday at the state Capitol.
We also now know — barring an overnight breakthrough on public education reform issues — the resumption of this special session will be limited to fixing and again approving  bills vetoed by the governor for technical flaws.
Up until about a week ago, we were under the impression, lawmakers would be gaveling in the resumption of a special session that began immediately after the regular session ended March 9 on public education.
The resumption of this session and what it would consider on its agenda was already assumed until recently. Then we were led to believe this  special session would deal with up to a dozen  bills, among about 30, the governor vetoed because of technical reasons.
That made sense because this special session coincided with  two-day, regularly scheduled legislative interim meetings, which should fit that bill. An education reform package is going to take longer than two days.
However, Thursday the Senate president said the special session on public education will not start for a couple of weeks. We are still wary of that timing, but  that’s no indication  we oppose many of the reforms on the radar.
The governor’s original special-session call, issued March 7 and gaveled into session and  immediately recessed March 9 — the end of the regular session — limited the agenda to two items: Improving the  public education system and making necessary appropriations to cover the costs of the session.

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