Letters to the editor May 15

Protests about roads
falling into a ‘black hole’
Most recently, I read with great interest the  editorial (DP-May 7) on delaying road repairs which inspired me to write this letter to the editor.
My family and I adopted Morgantown as home in 1985 and I always boasted about my “home’s” wonderful people, business climate, international but unmistaken American flavor, WVU, sports, entertainment, education, etc.
I display that pride when I recruit needed transplants to Morgantown ranging from blue collar workers to university professors and even clergy.
The roads and air transportation, however, were always a “rough spot” for me (pun intended), but recently those “rough spots” have morphed into “black holes.”
I have written about the airport before and the city responded with a solution that proved worse than the previous problem. And while air transportation (or lack thereof) is a big problem for Morgantown, it does not affect everyone and it is not a daily problem.
The roads, on the other hand, are a daily chore, for everyone. We have suffered through potholes that are deep and wide enough to swallow a whole tire (hence the black hole designation) and we have suffered through endless lane closures on “forever 79” when there was road work and when there has never been any workers to be seen for weeks on end with no explanation and response (hence the “black hole” designation.)
When are we going to have a bare minimum transportation service, worthy of Morgantown and its people? Including:
Good flights to useful destinations.
Roads with no potholes, unless temporarily.
Highways with no cones, unless necessary.
Is this too much to ask for? Would any   officials care to respond? Or will my voice, along with many others, continue to echo in bureaucratic space, bouncing from one “black hole” to the next?
Nabil M. Jabbour

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