Letters to the editor May 8

Place new pipeline in
old channel of reservoir
As a Morgantown resident, I have walked White Park for 20 years. Now, MUB has proposed water pipe routes which will cut a 40-foot swath through the park.
White Park is the only forested public park in Morgantown where residents can hike, run, bike and ski. Krepps and Marilla Parks are mostly lawns and concrete with swimming pools. Because of a pipeline, most of Krepps is now a meadow.
This is a human health issue because if White Park is destroyed as a result of MUB proposals, hundreds of Morgantown residents will lose access to vital outdoor recreation.
There will be no waterfall as it now exists, to sit beside and experience its calming effects. I have been concerned about the waterfall because it is my  refuge.
There will be less tree canopy to create 10-degree cooler temperatures when we are experiencing extreme heat. With reduced forest less carbon will be absorbed, resulting in less oxygen being released into the atmosphere. Oxygen provides us with a cleaner, healthier climate.
Trees that are 150 to 200 years old cannot be replaced in our lifetime or our children’s or grandchildren’s.
Because we city residents own White Park, I request that MUB place the pipeline in the old channel of the reservoir. This will minimize the damaging effects of the necessary pipeline, while keeping White Park in its natural state for us residents.
We must save this gem of forested land. Contact MUB: cdale@mub.org. Request that MUB build the pipeline in the old channel of the reservoir and save White Park.
Elizabeth M. Sneathen
Stop people from using
Osage Hill as a dump
Osage,  located in the Scotts Run area of Monongalia County, has been weakened by the loss of residents due to the construction of  Interstate 79,  floods and  the loss of the town charter.
The population left behind has suffered for years environmentally from the coal industries, trucking companies that haul fly ash and  from some property owners. Property owners who have become landlords are benefiting monetarily, however the community is suffering environmentally.
Some of the renters who live in these homes wait for rain to  create rapidly flowing high water in a nearby creek that  becomes a dumping source for garbage, carpet, broken furniture and tires. This debris ends up along the creek banks and eventually in the river.
Osage Hill was once a huge, populated coal camp. It is now a dumping ground for contractors who dump debris from their job sites. Persons from the area or outside it are also dumping garbage on  empty lots on Osage Hill.
The main street in Osage presently has an abandoned building that collapsed months ago. That debris has not been removed from the site. Residents have made complaints to landlords and to authorities in reference to these issues.
Several residents of Osage want the guilty people who use the creek and the empty lots on Osage Hill as garbage dumps to be held accountable by the  Division of Natural Resources and by other authorities who have jurisdiction over these crimes.

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