Man charged with attacking Westover cop

WESTOVER — A Westover cop who was attacked while on a call is doing fine and remains on duty, Chief Rick Panico said.
In the fight the officer was choked and punched repeatedly, while a taser was used on the suspect twice. Pepper spray was also used and the suspect was also struck. Even after being handcuffed, the suspect continued to resist and had to be “hobbled” — restrained in a way to prevent kicking, Panico said.
Alex Rollins, 29, of Morgantown, is charged with malicious assault on a police officer. He was released from J.W. Ruby Memorial with cuts on his eye and chin following his arrest, Panico said.
Officer J. Carver was dispatched to a disturbance on Savannah Street about 2 a.m. on Saturday. As he was responding to the call he saw people yelling and arguing in front of the post office on Ohio Avenue and stopped to see if the argument was related to the call, Panico said.
A woman initially told Carver they had nothing to do with the Savannah Street call, but later said they were involved in the disturbance.
Rollins said he wasn’t going to be arrested and started to walk away, Panico said. Carver tapped him on the shoulder and said he needed to detain him while he figured out what was going on.
Rollins then turned around and punched Carver multiple times, according to a criminal complaint. Panico said the two ended up on the ground with Rollins, choking Carver.
The officer was able to use his taser and strike Rollins in the chest, causing him to let go of Carver’s throat. Rollins was not done fighting and tried to strangle Carver again.
Panico said after the ranged cartridge of a taser is deployed, the device can be used as a stun gun. Carver tased Rollins in the neck and stood up. Rollins continued to fight and pepper spray was used, however that didn’t immediately stop him and more physical blows were exchanged.
Even after being placed in handcuffs, Rollins kept fighting and a “hobble” restraint had to be used, Panico said.
Rollins was arraigned in Monongalia County Magistrate Court and is being held in North Central Regional Jail in lieu of $50,000 bond.

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