Letters to the editor May 4

We cannot let ourselves
be split by disinformation
The Russian goal is to create chaos and division among Americans, making us take sides — liberal or conservative — by giving false information in the (social) media. We are being bombarded with Russian disinformation.
One example is disinformation about vaccination — it’s bad, causes problems. No, it doesn’t but look at how we are divided on it. Another example was bombarding African Americans during the 2016 election with the need for them to concentrate on their communities, not be involved in national voting.
We are all Americans with different views but those viewpoints have caused divisions among us that are exaggerated due to the Russian programs.
Oxford University, in England, is  researching this Russian disinformation and results can be obtained on the internet under such headings as “New Report on Russian Disinformation Prepared for the Senate.”
Hatred for minorities and for those with opposing views is at an all-time high and is being acted out by a very few engaging in terrorist activities due to (social) media disinformation.
We Americans need to recognize the need for other entities’ attempts to cause such chaos and division among us, whereas we must stand for the dignity, the truth and the indivisibility that represents America.
Lois Gibb
‘New’ look newspaper
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