Preston County has confirmed rabies case in Tunnelton area

KINGWOOD —  The Preston County Health Department said Friday that   there has been  a confirmed case of rabies in a wild raccoon in the Tunnelton area.
State law requires  all dogs and cats be vaccinated against rabies.  Rabies  can infect warm blooded animals. It is transmitted when the saliva of an infected animal enters a bite or scratch.  Human rabies is almost always fatal if not treated.
Infected animals become aggressive and may act unusual.  the health department urges people not to approach or handle wild animals and avoid animals not acting  normally, such as nocturnal animals  seen during the day.
If you are bitten or attacked by an animal, wash the wound immediately and follow-up with your healthcare provider.  If you awaken to discover a bat in your bedroom seek medical attention.  Vaccines are also available for humans and can be given if an exposure has occurred.  Call the health department for further information at 304-329-0096.

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