Letters to the editor April 21

Thief needs to return
visitor’s photo albums
After a long drive from St. Charles, Mo., I selected Morgantown as my final stop of the day because I had heard of its beauty, and I wanted to see the campus.
I chose a  hotel   right in the heart of downtown. After an enjoyable evening strolling the streets, eating  and conversing with some extremely friendly locals, I returned to my car, parked on an outside lot, to retrieve some items. Unfortunately, I had left it unlocked.
Although a victim of a theft should not be blamed for it, I certainly was a facilitator. I only hope the expendable items taken fell into the hands of those who really needed them, including an expensive camera.
One group of items, however, a set of three photo albums from the early 1900s, would be of no value to anyone but me and my family. I had been taking them to my 99-year-old uncle in Maryland so that he could see them again and help me identify the many people pictured I did not know.
A family treasure, whose safe-keeping was entrusted to me by my grandmother, is somewhere on the streets or in the Dumpsters of Morgantown. Hoping it’s the former, I am appealing to anyone who might, on a rare chance, come across any or all of these albums to please return them to the Clarion Hotel Morgan. So much of our family history is contained in them, and their loss is particularly devastating to me.
In closing, this incident does not jade my view of your fine city. The response of the police department, the parking authority and, particularly, the staff at the hotel was encouraging. In situations such as this, it seems that good overrides bad, and it is with this faith in the citizens of your town, that I am hopeful of the return of these precious memories.
Bob Utt
St. Charles, Mo.

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