Preston man charged with filing fraudulent insurance claims

KINGWOOD — State Police have charged a Newburg man with filing fraudulent insurance claims and obtaining money by false pretenses.
According to a criminal complaint by Sgt. D.W. Simmons, on April 11, he met with Daniel Boone Danks, 41, on Birds Creek Road. Danks was driving a 2013 Subaru Legacy that had, “significant damage to the driver side and minor damage to the passenger side.”
Danks said a  loud, black truck with a lift kit  crossed the center line and forced him into the guardrail on a bridge, then fled.
Simmons recalled investigating a hit and run accident on Sept. 22, 2015, when Danks said he was forced into the guardrail on a bridge.
Searching records, Simmons found four other single-vehicle crashes in the last 10 years involving Danks. Officers found he had filed “numerous” insurance claims on the accidents with multiple companies. In May 2018, State Farm had paid Danks $8,674.74 on a claim.

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