We endorse Fetty, Parsons, Harshbarger

The Dominion Post is endorsing Rachel Fetty in the 1st Ward; Barbara Parsons in the 2nd Ward; and David Harsbarger in the 6th Ward, in Morgantown’s City Council election.
Early voting for the April 30 municipal election begins Wednesday and ends April 27.
Fetty, a lawyer, dedicates much of her career to pro bono legal work and is a mother of three children.
Some give lip service to one of Morgantown’s most dynamic age demographics, but Fetty brings children up in practically every initiative.
Though growth and revenues remain imperative, too often communities overlook the needs of children.
Ensuring their safety, health and access to opportunities should and can be integrated into virtually every policy on our city’s agenda.
Parsons, a former long-time member of the local school board, brings an analytical mind to the table that insists on seeking the right answers to good government.
Admittedly, our decision in the 2nd Ward race was a tough one. Yet, Parsons is up to this task and comes to council with a proven track record of leadership.
She is well known for listening to all sides and objectively looking at the data with a focus on long-range planning and communication.
Harshbarger, a wellness professional, is a newcomer to public office but familiar with Morgantown, having grown up here and having raised a family here.
He brings a focus on health and wellness to decision-making, that much like children, often rate low on local government’s list of priorities.
Like any newcomer to council he has a lot to learn, but past stints on a neighborhood association and the area’s rail-trail conservancy, should serve him and our city well.
Ryan Wallace is  a non-candidate on the ballot in the 3rd Ward. Though he is on the ballot — seemingly unopposed — he has opted out of the election to move from Morgantown this summer.
In his place, but not on the ballot, at least two write-in candidates  have officially filed with the city clerk to run for this seat. Another write-in candidate is also running in the 7th Ward.
Further write-in candidates may file in the 3rd Ward race and the  other six wards up until Tuesday.
We are not taking a position on the known write-in candidates or others because of this timing.
However, we urge the public to vote for one of the write-in candidates in the 3rd Ward race in Wallace’s place.
Uncontested, incumbent candidates are running in the 4th Ward and the
5th Ward.
Though this ballot may not appear as compelling as some past city elections, we urge city residents to vote.
See you at the polls.

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