Letters to the editor March 20

Why not an alternative
to Star City roundabout
The constant refrain is, “We can’t afford it!” So, in light of that, I would like to make a non-roundabout recommendation regarding the traffic problems caused on University Avenue at the intersection of Collins Ferry Road.
Since the Mileground roundabout doesn’t seem to reduce commute times to the Cheat area in the afternoons, maybe another expensive experiment isn’t worth it.
Instead, make Collins Ferry Road one-way traveling north (towards the river) from University Avenue to Pocahontas Avenue. Direct all traffic traveling south on Collins Ferry onto already one-way Pocahontas. Put a light at the intersection of University and Pocahontas and eliminate the Y-intersection opposite Pocahontas at Laurel Street.
This might make Pocahontas more heavily traveled, but it already gets a fair amount of traffic. It may also direct traffic onto Laurel, but that ship has sailed.

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