He got us all right: Wishing Pops a happy ‘Gotcha Day’

Valentine’s Day may be just behind us, but there’s an even bigger celebration of love brewing this week.
Because this Saturday marks one full year since my big senior boy, Pops, joined our weird little family.
Or, as Dan called it last night, the end of my apparent experiment, “How Many Bad Habits Can A Dog Learn in 365 Days.”
Which I think is unfair.
Maybe Pops already liked drinking his water out of people mugs placed all around the house in case he got thirsty and was away from his bowl.
I mean, every dog I’ve ever had has insisted on drinking out of cups and mugs like Mommy uses, instead of doggie dishes. So, like, it’s possible they all do that.
You don’t know.
Just like you can’t prove he only recently learned about the delicious goodness of a pizza crust fed from the table. Or that yelling “WOOFWOOFWOOF” will get him the exact spot he wants on the couch every time (entirety of cushion plus armrest, left end).
That could be pure canine instinct. Or something.
Either way, Mr. Popsadopoulos has made himself at home, and I’m grateful for it.
So he deserves to have a party.
After all, he also works hard — going from room to room to test the beds, grooming his eyebrow hairs into perfect wizard peaks, providing his brother Moo with ears and armpits to lick.
Making sure everyone gets outside for a nice, brisk walk at precisely 6:30 a.m. every. single. day.
And again at 8. And noon. And 5. And 6:14. And 8:20. And 9:10.
The only question is, what kind of party would old Popsicles want?
Being a man of sophisticated tastes (occasional frozen cat poo snack notwithstanding), I’d say Pops would probably like to start things off with a nice cheese and fruit plate (hims loves banannies), followed by a second course made up of whatever is on my plate.
As his main, he’d be happiest with whatever it is his brother is trying to eat.
Then, to cleanse the palate, perhaps a small salad of greens from the front yard (hopefully minus the barfing that sometimes accompanies this particular delicacy).
For games, there will likely be some tug of war with Moo, before a long round of his latest favorite, Shred The New Bed Mommy Bought For Me Yesterday At T.J. Maxx.
I imagine it’ll wrap up with all of us tired and ready to crash out in our respective places in the living room.
Me, in the right corner of the couch, with Moo by my knees, Dan perched opposite.
WOOFWOOFWOOF. Make that Dan on the chaise by himself.
And Pops happily ensconced in his now-rightful spot — entirety of cushion plus armrest, left end.
Exactly where he belongs, furever.

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