M.T. Pockets presents ‘White Rabbit Red Rabbit’ with new actors every night

MORGANTOWN — M.T. Pockets Theatre presents “White Rabbit Red Rabbit,” written by Iranian playwright, Nassim Soleimanpour. A 10-night event featuring 10 actors from the Morgantown-Fairmont area, set for Friday through Feb. 23. The approximate runtime is 60-70 minutes and there will be no intermission.
“White Rabbit Red Rabbit” has been described by The New York Times as a “playful, enigmatic and haunting show.” The unique theatrical experience requires no director and no rehearsal.
Unable to leave Iran until some time after writing the script, Soleimanpour toured the world through his words. Each night, the actor about to perform has never seen the script and has only been told what is absolutely necessary.
M.T. Pockets founder, Toni Morris Perry, will kick off the run of the production. “White Rabbit Red Rabbit” is presented in association with Aurora Nova Productions and Boat Rocker Entertainment.

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