Preston Solid Waste Authority seeks to recover money from state

KINGWOOD –  The Preston County Solid Waste Authority Board is still trying to claim more than $40,000 in unclaimed property being held by the State Treasurer’s Office for more than two years.
The problem is that the treasurer’s office maintains the authority can’t provide adequate documentation. Over the years, the volunteer organization has changed addresses.
“I’ve tried several different addresses and have been told it’s not the right one.  Even though they know who I am, they can’t give me the correct address,” Don Smith, who represents the county commission on the board, said.
Smith has been working since 2017 to get the money released. It is from fines paid in magistrate court and Department of Environmental Protection landfill tipping fees. The state does not dispute that the money belongs to the authority, only that the address it is being given is wrong.

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