Morgantown offers help to furloughed federal employees

MORGANTOWN — The City of Morgantown, the Morgantown Utility Board and the Morgantown Parking Authority are offering payment assistance to federal employees furloughed by the government shutdown.
Morgantown City Council approved a proposal authorizing the City of Morgantown to offer deferred payment on city fees such as fire protection and permitting. Those wishing to participate in the deferred payment service must apply in person at the Finance Department, 389 Spruce St. For more information, call 304-284-7408.
The Morgantown Parking Authority is offering payment assistance for furloughed federal employees with monthly permits at city parking garages. Customers must apply in person at the Parking Office, 300 Spruce St. For more information, call 304-284-7435.
MUB temporarily revised and extended its existing deferred payment policy to those directly affected by the shutdown. Deferred payment includes fees related to water, sanitary sewer and stormwater services. Morgantown City Council approved this policy apply to garbage fees as well.
To participate in MUB’s deferred payment policy, apply in person at the MUB office, 278 Green Bag Road. During the deferred payment period all late fees will be waived, and no service terminations will occur. For more information call MUB at 304-292-8443.
All payment accommodations will be considered on a case-by-case basis and official documentation is required.

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