Granville discusses possible crosswalks at University Town Centre

MORGANTOWN — In the first meeting of the year for Granville Town Council a large part of conversation was roadways.
Council spoke further about the signal design in the University Town Centre connecting Wal-Mart and WVU Medicine. After speaking with Tim Rice of Potesta Engineering, Mayor Patty Lewis said it’s possible a new crosswalk will need to be ADA compliant.
Councilmen John Kovalcheck raised his own concern, stating he was driving in the area over the holidays and saw a pedestrian in dark clothing in the same area who would be hard to spot by motorists. No pedestrian collisions in the area have been reported.
Municipal Administrator Ron Snyder said the town is waiting on traffic studies and designs to see what this will cost the town, and if spending tax-payer money is justified.
In a callback to previous discussion, a suggestion to build a crosswalk connecting Giant Eagle and Target was also brought up.
“We looked at that once before, and it was not recommended that we do anything there,” Lewis said.
Chief of Police Craig Corkrean said he does not see high foot traffic in that area. Councilor Genevieve Calvert raised concern that buses stop on the main road and allow passengers out in front of Giant Eagle in a high-traffic area. Corkrean and other council members said city buses generally allow riders off where they please, and often make loops to storefronts in the area.
Another road of concern for the town is Bowser Street, which sits just below the University Town Centre. Ron Snyder, the town’s Municipal Administrator said the town has been having troubles with the road for 8 or 9 years.
“It’s slowly but surely sliding. We’ve taken corrective measures twice to stabilize it, but we can’t find the source of water,” he said.
He said the town has Potesta Engineering working on the road all the time. Until the source of water is found, it will be difficult to address. And Synder said the cost will be astronomical. He added that it’s been a source of frustration for the town and the people living along the road.
“We’ll figure out something,” he said.
Councilor Genevieve Calvert also brought up that a pole along Main Street continues to be struck by large trucks regularly. Mayor Lewis said the pole does not belong to the town, and the Department of Highways had yet to address to roadway, though they have accessed it before. Granville has no authority over the road, and cannot implement whether large trucks can travel on it.
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