First Presbyterian Church celebrates 230 years of service

MORGANTOWN — Morgantown’s First Presbyterian Church turned 230 this fall, but if Sunday was any indication, the house of worship on Spruce Street isn’t showing its age one bit.
One of the sermons repeatedly referenced Spider Man, Hulk, Iron Man and other social justice-seeking denizens of the Marvel universe.
One of the songs — an original, penned and performed by a First Presbyterian member — gave a contemporary cast of the story of Jesus’s birth.
And one of the prayers was for WVU students embarking upon final exams this week.
The Rev. Zac Morton, whom congregants refer to as “Pastor Zac,” or simply, “Zac,” said he was happy to have signed on with a church able to ping-pong with its past and present.
Morton is a western Pennsylvania native who grew up in Houston, Pa., a little borough about 30 minutes south of Pittsburgh.
“Yep, I’m a yinzer and I shop at Giant Iggle,” he said, gently poking fun at his hometown region’s distinct dialect.
He came to First Presbyterian last May after postings in Kansas and Atlanta, and said he was impressed right off by the church’s main language of service and outreach.
Well, he allowed, the longevity is pretty amazing, too.
“We’re as old as the Constitution,” he said.

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