Preston deputies charge Grafton man with making counterfeit registration and inspection stickers

KINGWOOD — A Grafton man was charged in Preston County after deputies said they found forged inspection and registration stickers, meth and guns with the serial numbers removed in his SUV.
William Kenneth Moss, 29, was in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail Friday in lieu of $150,000 bond. He reportedly told an officer he only made the stickers for his friends and didn’t sell them. He is a good artist, he reportedly told the deputy.
According to the criminal complaint by Sheriff’s Lt. T.E. Mitter: On Thursday, he found a Chevy TrailBlazer  stopped on W.Va. 26. The driver of another vehicle told Mitter they were going to pull the Chevy into the parking lot at WW Service Center, so he directed traffic as they did so.
He ran the plate through records, and it came back as expired in 1993 and belonging on a 1975 Ford, yet there  appeared to be a 2019 registration sticker on the plate. Once the Chevy was in the parking lot, Moss got out. Mitter told him to come back and requested his driver’s  license, insurance info and registration.
Moss refused to comply at first and seemed nervous, so he was cuffed. Mitter saw a loaded Smith and Wesson SW9VE pistol with a knife attached to  the holster  lying on the driver’s side floorboard. Moss had two bags of meth weighing a total of 15.408 grams (0.54 ounces), a digital scale, silver folding knife, $118 and a set of black knuckles in his pockets.
Moss reportedly told the deputy, “selling drugs is the only way he can make money.” A records check showed he was wanted in Barbour County.
The serial number had been filed off the pistol. Mitter also found a loaded .22 revolver,  a disassembled 32 caliber revolver, four bundles of homemade registration stickers like that on Moss’s license plate, a stack of hand drawn and copied inspection stickers, a bong and a loaded .30-30 rifle with the serial number removed and new numbers stamped on, in the SUV.
Moss was charged with altered registration, possession with intent to deliver drugs and  forgery of official seals.

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