Man allegedly removes home confinement tracker, threatens to kill cops

MORGANTOWN — A man who allegedly cut his home confinement tracker from his ankle and threatened to kill officers faces charges of making terrorist threats and attempted escape.
Derrick R. Shahan, 24, of Morgantown, was charged with the crimes by the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department.
According to a criminal complaint, deputies responded to Mount Morris Road because Shahan cut off his home confinement tracker and was missing.
His home confinement officer said Shahan left his house Thursday night and cut the tracker off so it would not register with the tracking equipment in his home.
At the home, Shahan didn’t answer the door, so officers forced their way in and found Shahan hiding in the ceiling. He was arrested.
While at the sheriff’s department for processing, Shahan allegedly said he was going to kill all police officers who went to his house in the future, the complaint stated.
Shahan also directly threatened to kill his home confinement officer and said he knew what type of vehicle his home confinement officer drove, according to the complaint.
He was arraigned in Monongalia County Magistrate Court and bond was set at $40,000.
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