Man gets probation for sending sexual videos to underage girls

MORGANTOWN — A man who sent videos to underage girls though social media of himself masturbating was sentenced to probation Aug. 20.
Shawn Campbell, 24, was sentenced to three years incarceration by Monongalia County Circuit Court Judge Phillip Gaujot, who suspended the sentence for three years of probation. Gaujot also sentenced Campbell to 10 years of extended supervision and ordered him to not have any form of social media during his sentence.
He also allowed Campbell to transfer his probation to Preston County — if it agrees.
Gaujot admonished Campbell for his actions and said he wasn’t sure what effect Campbell’s actions had on the 14-year-old he sent videos and photos to, but that any impact would be negative. He said 14 is a critical age — the brain is still developing and what happens at 14 can have significant bearing on a life.
“There’s really no excuse,” the judge said. “Your excuse of them sending pictures to you is not a good one. They are children.”
Speaking to the court, Campbell apologized for his behavior and said since the June 2017 incident he has given his life to God and found a wonderful woman who leads a God-fearing life. He said he wants to be a better person for her and that he’s shut down all social media.
Representing the state, Mon Assistant Prosecutor Gabrielle Mucciola asked that Campbell be sentenced to three years in prison and left any alternative sentencing to the court’s discretion. She asked he receive 10 years extended supervision and be ordered not to use social media.
Mucciola said she doesn’t believe Campbell understood the effect his actions had on his victims and said he attempted to add one of his victims, now of legal age, on Snapchat in June.
Defense attorney Eric Wildman said that was untrue. Wildman asked the court to sentence his client to probation and cited Campbell’s work history, strong family support system and proactive seeking of treatment as reasons why he was a good candidate for alternative sentencing.
Campbell’s mother, girlfriend and her mother were in the courtroom with him, Wildman said.
“I encourage you to seek the life you say you’re seeking,” Gaujot told Campbell. “I don’t want to see you again for any reason.”

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