No one has the right to censor opinions

Brenda D. Bonnett, Arthurdale
Is Alan Simms suggesting The Dominion Post “censor” their Opinion page? (DP-Aug. 1) Even though he doesn’t agree with Pastor Terry Hagedorn’s views, Hagedorn has the right to free speech.
Thank God we live in a country that allows us that right. May I suggest that Simms stop reading his letters to the editor if he’s offended by them?
Simms doesn’t speak for all of us. I definitely am not for censuring the opinions of readers. I don’t know Hagedorn, but I’m of the opinion he is one of the few dedicated religious leaders that is spreading the true word of God.
Too many religious leaders choose to not upset the status quo rather than fervently saving souls. Perhaps Simms is angry at the messenger because his beliefs differ from God’s.
Bless Pastor Hagedorn for not being deterred by the opposition. It is not only Hagedorn’s right to free speech but a necessary tool to do his job effectively.
Why does anyone think he or she has the right to censor the opinion page?

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