Students receive school supplies at backpack drive

MORGANTOWN — At the Back to School Backpack Drive, Anthony and Ed Green endured the Saturday heat for a good cause. They welcomed people to Mountainview Elementary Sch-ool to acquire needed school supplies. Anthony said they expected to see anywhere from 100 to 200 kids. Ed said though it’s hard to gauge how many people might have a need for backpacks and school supplies, they are aware that need is out there.
“We do understand the current state of the economic situation in our county, so there may be a lot of families that may not appear that they need them but could use them for their kids,” said Ed.
The Cacerus Club members put their heads together, and with the help of sponsors and volunteers, met the needs of their community the best they could. Ed said it’s been awesome.
The organization does a large amount of charity work, doing fish fries and many other things. The core of the organization is about giving back. It’s about being uplifting and the betterment of their community, and Ed said they love doing it.
“Actually, this is our first year doing the backpack drive but normally we do a toy drive every year. Last year we gave to children’s hospital. We also do turkey giveaways,” said Anthony, “We talk at the homeless shelters, we did Bartlett Shelter last year, so yeah we do a lot of charitable work of this magnitude.”
The best part to the duo is helping the kids — seeing the smiles on their faces, interacting with them and letting them enjoy their time. A DJ was on site, and kids could grab a bite to eat.
“Just the atmosphere and the music, this is the type of atmosphere we were trying to develop and this is what we had in mind when we decided to do the backpack drive. Bringing all the kids together and giving them what they need and making it easy for their parents,” Anthony said.
For Ed, it’s paramount the kids receive their supplies, not only to them personally but to their success as students.
“One of the worst things I think that you could see is, you know, very first day of school kids show up and they don’t have the materials,” Ed said, “and we’ve heard the horror stories of teachers having to come out of their own pockets to make sure the students are well equipped.”
He continued in saying that for any child, rich or poor, to have any opportunity as adults they need a good education, and they’ll do anything they can to help.
The backpacks include things like paper, pen, pencils and rulers. It’s all the basic things kids are expected to have when school starts. Every backpack had these things and more, and extras were available, depending on what a student might need.
For the two WVU alumni and fraternity brothers, the backpack drive was inspired by giving back to their community. Both Anthony and Ed’s kids went to school at Mountainview as well.
Anthony and Ed also wanted to acknowledge all who sponsored the giveaway. They give thanks to Howard Hanna, Itrend Technology, MedExpress, City Neon, Erie Insurance and more.
“Without them it wouldn’t have been possible,” Anthony said.

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