Preston Memorial Hospital adds Orthopedic Surgery Department

KINGWOOD — Preston Memorial Hospital is adding an Orthopedic Surgery Department.
The Orthopedic Surgery Department consists of three general orthopedists trained to deliver a wide range of services. Each has his or her own area of specialty as well.
Dr. Daniel Milam and Dr. Linda Jackson began seeing patients and performing procedures in July. Milam has a special interest in sports medicine injury repair and shoulders, while Jackson specializes in upper extremity and hand procedures. The third surgeon, Dr. John Britt, is expected to start work in September.
PMH began recruiting a full-time orthopedic surgeon nearly seven years ago. Finding the right fit has taken some time.
“Access to the orthopedists will be an amazing improvement for the public,” PMH Physician Liaison Dr. Fred Conley said.
Orthopedic cases were the second most common reason for transfers to other hospitals in recent years. “The era of going somewhere else is over,” Jackson said. “You don’t need to go anywhere else.”
Melissa Lockwood, PMH president and chief executive officer, noted the importance of choosing orthopedists with strong community values.
“Our search criteria included surgeons who valued rural communities and recognized the importance of community partnerships,” Lockwood said.
Milam said he looks forward to getting involved in extracurricular activities at Preston High School and neighboring communities. He is also looks forward to meeting people at the many senior centers throughout Preston County to let them know about the orthopedic services that Preston Memorial now offers.
Jackson explained that she chose to come to PMH because she enjoys getting to know her patients and their families, and it was important for her to find a community where she could best serve people. “The concept of a small environment appeals to me,” Jackson said.
Comprehensive orthopedic services will treat conditions of the feet, ankles, hips, elbows, shoulders and hands, among others. Types of procedures to be performed will include ACL reconstruction, meniscus repairs, rotator cuff surgeries, hand surgeries and sports injuries.
Patients will be able to schedule elective procedures, including full replacements of the hips, knees and shoulders. However, total revisions will not be scheduled until fall to allow the program to get established.
The orthopedic surgeons will rotate shifts on a 10-day basis. They will reside in Preston County full-time while on rotation. They will be on-call weekends and in the emergency department.
Appointments may be scheduled by calling the PMH Physician Center at 304-329-4701. Visit for further information.

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