Homegrown Pizza celebrates one-year anniversary

Thomas Price, chef at Homegrown Pizza in Morgantown, said he is trying to “change the world for the better, one pizza at a time.”
I can’t speak for the world, but Homegrown Pizza definitely changed my life for the better.
Today is the restaurant’s one-year anniversary, so I am taking this opportunity to tell you about this local gem.
Like many people, I love pizza. One of my pet peeves is burned crust, but I’m happy to report I’ve yet to have a burned crust from Homegrown Pizza.
In fact, their pizzas are so good I never made it past them in the menu — those and garlic knots. My family’s favorite is the Mountaineer Caprese — sauce, cheese, cherry tomatoes, pesto and balsamic reduction.
When I first read the description, I was dubious. Vinegar on a pizza? Yep, it works, and it’s tasty. I’ve also tried the Oh Kale Yeah! and Greek by the Creek.
Toppings on the former include kale and carrots — I was surprised by how much I like these unusual pizza toppings. They were roasted to perfection, and the flavors blended really well.
In addition to the skill of the kitchen staff, the veggies themselves play a big role in how good these pizzas taste.
“We try to do everything as local as we can,” said Julie Pirlo, co-owner of Homegrown Pizza.
Part of Julie’s and co-owner Scott Shaffer’s inspiration for opening the restaurant was their CSA shares with Mountain Harvest Farm.
The weekly fresh food paired with the friendship between Scott and Thomas resulted in easily accessible fresh food for the rest of us. Now they source from this local farm for their restaurant.
In addition to local produce, they also source meat from Mountain Meadow Ridge and eggs from SFS Farm. Julie said they also occasionally go to farmers markets for toppings.
Scott said the kitchen staff makes at least two batches of pizza dough each day. The sauce is from scratch, along with all salad dressings.
“We have a lady who orders a salad without the lettuce, because she loves Thomas’s chicken so much,” Julie said, adding that the veggies, chicken and dressing are delicious and fresh.

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