Morgantown Fire Department crews quickly extinguish small fire on Andmore Street

MORGANTOWN — Morgantown Fire Department battled a small, single-room fire on Andmore Street, just past the County Sheriff Sgt. Michael Todd May Memorial Bridge, on Sabraton Avenue, early Friday evening.
Fire Capt. Gary Freshour said it appeared only a couch was on fire, and the department extinguished the blaze “lightning quick.”
“It was as textbook as it gets for us,” he said of the fight.
Three fire trucks responded, while Morgantown Police controlled traffic on the two-lane road.
Evan Jackson said he was driving by the house when he noticed the fire, so he turned around and called 911. Billy Fazenbaker had just left his house and was heading to Kroger when he saw the fire and pulled his truck around, he said.
The two said they both arrived in front of the house at the same time and while Jackson was calling 911, Fazenbaker used a stick to break a window that was cracking from the heat. He then called out to see if anyone was inside.
Freshour said no one was in the residence, but the department was aware of the address because there used to be a lot of calls involving a woman in a wheelchair who lived there, so there was a sense of urgency in responding to the call.
“Before I was off the phone they were here,” Jackson said of the response time.

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