Preston BOE concerned over budget

KINGWOOD — The first Preston County Board of Education meeting since voters nixed a school levy began with a number of students receiving awards.
One after another, neat youngsters with smiling faces strode proudly to the front of the room to received awards, including the Preston County Education Association Spirit of Education, Farm Bureau Poster Contest, state writer’s awards and others.
“This has been a difficult week, but it’s actually very nice to be here this evening and see so many of our students being recognized, and it really reminds me of why I do this,” Preston School Superintendent Steve Wotring said.
He thanked Clear Mountain Bank, Shaffer’s Printing, Assistant Superintendent Brad Martin, the levy committee and others for their efforts to get the levy passed, “and continuing to believe in us.”
Board President Crissy Estep, whose term ends June 30 and did not seek re-election, said the next board will have to make some hard decisions, and this one may as well.

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