Skyview Elementary students learn about job options

WESTOVER — A diverse group of professionals visited Skyview Elementary to speak at a career fair Wednesday.
The group included a firefighter, chef, artist, musician, reporters, a technical writer and a software designer.
Matt Tolliver, school counselor, said the goal of the twice-a-year fair was to expose the fourth and fifth graders to as many different professions as possible across a wide range of educational requirements.
Veterinarian Karin Patterson said she thought it was important to promote her profession by coming to the fair. She also teaches dog safety classes to first-grade children and has three kids of her own in Monongalia County Schools, she said.
Each professional gave a 30-second speech about their job to each class before the kids were released to go ask specific questions about the job they were interested in. The students had enough time to visit whichever four stations they wanted before a bell chimed alerting them it was time to move on.

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