Running red lights still a dangerous pastime

Ralph Correll, Morgantown
What is wrong with all the drivers who are always running red lights?
If they want to kill themselves that’s their business, but why would all these lawbreakers want to hurt or kill somebody else?
I would like to see all the traffic cameras operational and Morgantown, Star City, Granville and Westover taking pictures of the violators’ license plates and send them a ticket in the mail for their violation.
Doing this is the only way to stop these people from running red lights, because the police can’t be everywhere. But the police shouldn’t have to be everywhere. People should have the common sense to not continue this bad habit of running red lights.
You can go out every day and while you are driving around town and watch traffic at traffic lights and you will see at least one or more people run a red light.
Another thing that causes me grief is when you’re getting on the interstate and there are no cars in the inside lane and there is a car in the outside lane — where you have to merge — on the interstate they are supposed to move to the inside lane. Sometimes they can’t, but I think they are either not paying attention or they have no consideration for other drivers.
I am really surprised that not more people crossing the streets have not been hit by a car running a red light or more accidents at intersections. I have seen some close calls and there is no need to drive in this manner. So please slow down and pay attention.

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